Root Canal Treatment in Boisbriand

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Your teeth are valuable assets for both your health and your appearance. For this reason, our dentists recommend to some patients a root canal treatment. At our dental clinic in Boisbriand, it is a common practice and we do it regularly.

The root canal treatment in Boisbriand, or endodontic treatment, is part of the dental care performed when the nerve of the tooth is infected. This dental surgery has several advantages for the patient:

  • It saves the natural tooth from extraction.
  • It extends the duration of a dental prosthesis.
  • It Reduces subsequent dental treatment costs.

Working with a method that focuses on being as gentle as possible, our dentists and hygienists proceed with our treatments in the most pleasant and simple way possible.

In which case should you resort to a root canal treatment in Boisbriand?

If an x-ray reveals the presence of an abscess, revealing that the tooth is infected, a root canal therapy is necessary to avoid oral health problems but also to relieve pain. An endodontic treatment allows preserving the tooth, by simply removing the infected part from the canal. So you keep your tooth and your smile.

A root canal treatment may also be necessary for the context of placing a dental crown.

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