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Take care of your teeth and oral hygiene with our dental cleaning service. Today, many people believe that brushing their teeth and using floss ensure an irreproachable dental hygiene. A professional dental cleaning removes plaque and the accumulation of tartar. The dentists of our clinic in Boisbriand offer you a dental cleaning in Boisbriand.
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We recommend you to undergo dental cleaning every 6 months to maintain a healthy dental hygiene. Scheduling an appointment with one of our dentists will offer you the best method for a good oral hygiene. Our dental cleanings are effective and gentle.

Our dental cleaning will take place in 2 steps, namely: Scaling and polishing. The first step is to remove plaque and dirt that may have accumulated on your teeth. Polishing, on the other hand, polishes the surface of the teeth in order to eliminate potential tasks.

It is important to know that dental cleaning usually does not cause pain if you have a good regular dental hygiene. However, if your oral hygiene has been neglected for too long, you may feel a slight discomfort or sensitivity during the treatment.

Our team believes that good dental health can be achieved through gentle and enjoyable care. Whatever your situation, each hygienist or dentists pay particular attention to your well-being, throughout your treatment.

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