Get a dental prosthesis in Boisbriand

You have lost a tooth and wish to replace it? Our dental clinic offers you dental prosthesis services in Boisbriand. This technique will allow you to regain all the faculties of your teeth and a beautiful smile.

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You should know that different types of dental prosthesis exist:

  • Partial or complete removable dental prosthesis: The advantage of this type of prosthesis is that it’s much cheaper than a fixed prosthesis and its manufacture is simple and fast. You can quickly regain your masticatory functions.
  • Fixed dental prosthesis: There is 4 fixed dental prosthesis each with their own specific characteristics. You can choose between implant, bridge, crown and onlay / inlay. These techniques are all different and can replace a missing or damaged tooth.

For more information concerning the installation of a dental prosthesis in Boisbriand, you can contact our dentists for advice on the most suitable solution fo you.

Within our team, we believe that good dental health can be achieved through gentle and enjoyable care. Whatever your situation, each hygienist or dentist pay particular attention to your well-being, throughout your treatment.

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