​Dental​ ​Surgery​ ​Boisbriand

Our dental clinic offers surgical procedures in Boisbriand, including: tooth extraction, dental implants, gum grafting and many other treatments. Our dentists will analyze your needs and offer you quality treatment.
Dental surgery consists of treating problems, diseases and infections that touch the mouth region. At your consultation, the dentist will examine your mouth in order to assess what type of intervention is needed to treat you. On the day of your dental surgery in Boisbriand, you will be administered a sedative through intravenous so that the treatment is painless and comfortable. Your dental surgery will take place in Boisbriand. The dentists will advise you on the dental care and treatments needed until you’re fully recovered from the surgery.

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The satisfaction of our clients and providing them with exceptional service is our priority.
Our dentists are constantly updated and trained with new treatments and technology. We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform our surgeries with precision.

Do you need dental surgery in Boisbriand ? Since 1981, the clinique dentaire Dr. Benjamin Serfaty has offered its clients quality dental services. Trust us with your dental surgery. Our experts will give you professional advice and personalized treatment. For more information on dental surgery in Boisbriand, contact us at : (450) 437-9988 or via our electronic contact form on our website.

After your surgery, our specialists will be available to advise you on the dental hygiene and care following your procedure.