Dental Whitening in Boisbriand

In Quebec, beautiful white teeth are synonyms of health and beauty. For this reason, the hygienists and dentists at our clinic in Boisbriand offer you a gentle teeth whitening service that will give you a beautiful smile.

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Increasingly popular, the whitening treatment makes it possible to restore the radiance of a beautiful smile to our patients. For aesthetic purposes, teeth whitening offers several very good advantages:

  • Improves the patient appearance
  • Eliminates yellow spots on teeth
  • Allows to conceal the wrinkles on the face

There are two types of Dental Whitening in Boisbriand: vital bleaching, which is applied to the living teeth to remove stains, and non-vital bleaching, which is used to whiten teeth that are no longer alive, Such as, for example, the teeth which have blackened following a root canal treatment.

Similarly, there are several teeth whitening techniques. By making an appointment with one of our dentists, we will always offer you the most suited method for your oral situation. All our treatments are safe and effective. The lifetime of a bleaching may vary from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the method used and the patient’s lifestyle.

Within our team, we believe that good dental health can be achieved through gentle care. Whatever your situation, each of the hygienists or dentists at our office pays particular attention to your well-being, throughout your treatment.

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