Orthodontics Boisbriand

The power of a beautiful smile is mighty. This is why our team of dentists (based in Boisbriand) offers you professional and complete orthodontic services. Focusing on gentleness and precision, we work hard to embellish your smile, whatever your dental needs are.

Want to learn a little more about the benefits of orthodontic treatments? Besides a great improvement in dental aesthetics, here are some benefits of a well-aligned dentition:

  • Improves chewing
  • Allows better breathing
  • Greater oral comfort
Whatever orthodontic methods or techniques are being used, we take the necessary steps to correct your dentition in order to offer you both a functional and beautiful smile and an optimal occlusion. With the Invisalign aligner, for example, our dentists offer you a treatment that is both discreet and comfortable.

When to resort to treatments in orthodontics Boisbriand ?

The orthodontic treatments can be provided to patients of all ages. Lifestyle can lead to misalignment or overlapping of teeth throughout life. This has the effect of creating a malocclusion, ie a bad occlusion of the top teeth with those on the bottom. Missing teeth can also contribute to dental malocclusion.

This malocclusion has the effect of bothering the patient during mastication and sometimes causing pain. This also results in wear of certain teeth. More prominent teeth can chip or break easier. This is why it is important to consult a dentist for orthodontic care when there is teeth misalignment.

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