​Tooth Implant in Boisbriand

Would you like to improve your smile and replace a lost tooth? Our clinic in Boisbriand offers professional tooth implants. This technique allows you improve your chewing efficiency and oral health.

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There are a variety of tooth implant that are available to patients. They are as follows:

  • Partial or complete, removable implants. This type of implant is cheaper, easier and quicker to fabricate.
  • Permanent tooth implants. There are four types of permanent implants. This procedure is more durable and patients have the ability to choose between an implant, bridge, crown and onlay/inlay.

For any information on tooth implants in Boisbriand, contact our dentists. They will advise you on the solution that best fits your needs.

Our team believes that good dental health is achievable through practices that are both comfortable and efficient. Regardless of your situation, our staff will accompany you throughout your dental journey.

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