Extraction of wisdom tooth in Boisbriand

Does your wisdom tooth hurt you or you just don’t have enough space to let them grow properly? Different risks can be identified: the alignment can be damaged, wisdom tooth can also cause inflammation or pain. The dentists of our clinic in Boisbriand offer you a service of extraction of wisdom tooth in Boisbriand.

Take an appointment in our office for the extraction of your wisdom tooth in Boisbriand

Your wisdom tooth often appears around 18 years of age, and must be extracted before they appear or become too developed. Our dentists are experts in this common surgical procedure. It is done under local surgery by our dentists in our office in Boisbriand.

By scheduling an appointment with one of our dentists, we will always offer you the most suited method for your situation. All our extractions are safe and effective. Moreover, in the majority of cases, wisdom teeth extraction is not a painful surgery. Our dentists offer solutions and advice to limit the pain following the operation and swelling for instance prescribing painkillers or advising you to use ice packs.

Our team believe that good dental health can be achieved through gentle care. Whatever your situation, the hygienists or the dentists pay particular attention to your well-being, throughout your treatment.

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